Bay Quarter Horse x mare, born in 1997. She stands 14.3 hh

Donated by Maureen Sinopoli and Sponsored by an anonymous Friend, Linda Hart, and the National Bank of Canada.

Arrived at CARD in June 2015

Chelsea completed her training in the summer of 2015. She has found a place a successor to Flurry and a help mate to Oreo and Scooter who are both kept busy in classes because of their narrow frames and smooth gaits!

Chelsea comes most recently from a private home but before that did some time as a lesson horse. She’s a little reserved and introverted but very sweet and willing. She’s been integrating well into Paddock 1A where she’s gained some confidence from pushing around the ever-so-tolerant Oreo!  This past summer saw Jet get added to Chelsea’s posse-to-be-pushed-around, but Jet doesn’t mind and Chelsea makes everyone laugh with her attempts to be stern.

Chelsea’s gentle personality and her smaller build makes her wonderful to help riders get past those ‘new rider jitters’ but when it comes time to get down to serious business Chelsea is always a willing partner. She intially thrived in on the lead classes where her trust in her leader makes her a wonderful partner to her small riders.  Now, our newest CARD girl has dusted off her sporting skills and eased into some beginner horsemanship classes , where she has been an excellent partner to her riders.  She is now a go-to horse for riders learning to walk and trot off the lead.

Although in on the lead classes Chelsea has somewhat turtle-like tendencies, in off lead classes and when working with her trainer, she has energy and march to her walk, while her trot is steady and rhythmic. Our gentle little girl has definitely come into her own, and we are delighted with her progress!

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