Bay Thoroughbred gelding born in 2000. He stands 16.2 hh.

Arrived at CARD December 2017

Donated to the program by Alexis Black and in need of a sponsor

If DiNiro were human (and green), he’d be the Jolly Green Giant. Amiable, easy-going and steady in his work, DiNiro is a large and kind member of the herd.  He’s the type of horse who’d be portrayed in movies by Jimmy Stewart- honest, willing, hard working and reliable.

With a big, swinging walk and rhythmic trot, we anticipate DiNiro will be an able partner to the adult riders working on physical rehabilitation and basic riding skills, and for younger riders needing strong sensory input.

With his extensive showing and lesson background, DiNiro whizzed through his trial period and enjoyed learning his new ‘job’.  Outside, he enjoyed meeting up with his old buddy Rio, and has become firm friends with Riley, who, after some initial jostling for top position, now happily shares a hay pile and mutual scratching sessions with his buddy.


  1. Liz says:

    Oh my goodness! Our handsome boy💖 we miss him like crazy,but so happy he is doing an amazing job, (we knew D would)💖💖

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