Chestnut QH mare born in 1996. She stands 14.3hh.

Donated By Kate LeFeuvre, and currently in need of a sponsor

This lovely lady did extensive showing with her previous owner but her forte here is going to be on the lead classes with riders in need of her accessible height and active but not overwhelming gaits. Jet is an excellent listener who tries really hard to get things right the first time, and she is very tuned in to her leaders.

Jet enjoys being fussed over and will stand for hours being brushed and coiffed!  In the ring she is all business though, and tackled learning the leading method and acclimating to the class props with a great deal of gravity and focus.

Jet integrated into select classes over the past spring and summer and everyone was signing up for the Jet fan club.  She made a strong start into the Fall 2016 term, integrating into several new class and rider situations. Unfortunately, mid-way through the term our lovely redhead injured her leg and has had to take some time off to heal. Her buddy Scot has been making sure she still gets lots of attention from her human and horsey friends and Jet is content, though she is always eager to get out and march during her daily had walks!  We’re hoping to see her back in classes for the 2017 Spring term.

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