Flea bitten gray, welsh pony/quarter horse cross mare, born in 1996. She stands 15hh.

Donated by Margaux Smith. Sponsored by the Baran Family Foundation

Arrived at CARD in January 2011

As sweet as her namesake!

Oreo spent her younger days as an eventer and doing Prince Phillips Games. That variety of experience means that she was totally ready for the variety of activities a CARD horse does in classes every week. In fact, Oreo will probably hold the CARD record for being the fastest one to be trained to the class props!

Oreo’s gentle, open personality and her smaller build makes her wonderful to help riders get past those ‘new rider jitters’ but when it comes time to get down to serious business Oreo is always a willing partner. She has been excelling in the young rider and small adult classes where her calm and steady gaits and manners make her a trusted partner.

Outside, Oreo has  found a circle of friends with Capri, Jet and Splash. Originally the picture of submissiveness in the herd, Oreo found her voice with past faves Jesse and Chelsea, saucily pushing them around like she was a toughie!  The barn staff have been amused at Oreo’s increase in confidence and growing streak of sassiness since this little paddock group came together. It seems once of our kindest ladies is finally coming into her own!

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