Piebald (black and white) Overo Paint/Draft cross gelding born in 2002. He stands 15hh.

Donated By Ann Clifford.  Sponsored by Denise and Brian Zidel in memory of Julia Zidel.

The CARD herd is remaining colourful!

Our newest herd member is used to being fussed over, and enjoyed many liberty games and exercises with his donor. A thinker and puzzle-solver by nature, Picasso approached each phase of his CARD training with a serious and focused demeanor, using his natural curiosity to figure things out.

Outside, Picasso became firm friends with Peli, and then took Bobby under his wing a few weeks later.  True to his two-toned colouring, Picasso is happiest when paired up- which he does most days by splitting his time between his besties: Peli and Bobby.  When working, he ‘pairs up’ with his handler, looking to them for guidance and validation.

A giver by nature, Picasso puts 110% into all his handlers ask of him.  With his kind and steady nature and his amazing movement and patience, we are hoping he’s a successor to the mighty Jesse, whom he greatly resembles in appearance!

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