Donated by Susan Fripp. Currently sponsored by Robert Sive.

Knabstrupper gelding with black and white leopard markings, born in 1996.

Pongo comes to us from an established lesson and showing background where he also did some therapeutic riding lessons. A favourite of his former barn, Pongo was a go-to horse for instructors there and is becoming so here at CARD.

A kind and people-oriented boy, Pongo knows his ‘people’ and is particularly fond of his buddy Scot. He knows that if his paddock mates get too rowdy Scot will come and protect him! It’s quite amusing to watch Pongo quickly veer toward the gate and ‘hide’ behind Scot when the big boys have him feeling a little rattled.

While Pongo wasn’t initially much for his fellow equines, Casey has wormed his way into Pongo’s spotted heart and they often share hay piles together outside. Pongo also loves that he can still spend time with Elaine, who was his buddy at his former barn.

Pongo’s broad back and active gaits make him a wonderful partner in both children and adult classes.

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