Dark Bay QH gelding born in 1996. He stands 16hh.

Donated to the program by Melissa Thorndyke and sponsored by the Osin Foundation

Arrived at CARD in April 2014

In any situation, Rio has an affectionate and laid-back personality, perfect for riders who need a quiet friend and smooth pace to help facilitate their balance and confidence.

Now retired from program work, Rio’s background as a show and lesson horse made him well-suited to the CARD program. His narrow stature and smooth gaits made him a top choice for the children and small adult classes, and his natural empathy for his riders made him a good partner to riders working hard to master motor control.

This gorgeous and kind gelding flew through his training period, easily adjusting to all the new props and activities which are part of the CARD program. Throughout his training, Rio found all of our class props to be quite uninspiring though he thoroughly inspected the nubbly balls, spiky rings and flower bunches with his mouth in case they were food in disguise!

Rio enjoys having a group of horsey and human friends, and is always willing to make new friends so long as they bring mints! He is the current loner of Paddock 2, where he watches over the happenings of his fellows. He has greatly enjoyed being reunited with DiNiro, one of his friends from a former barn!!

Affectionate and always up for a bubble bath and some pampering, Rio is a wonderful addition to CARD.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I’m so proud of my handsome baby Rio, and I am blessed to know that he is a CARD horse. Thank you for taking such good care of him, and for helping him continue to make people happy, which is what he does best.

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