Mini Royal 2018-A ‘Fun’ Fundraiser

The Mini RoyalCARD’s major fundraising event for 2018Sunday June 10th

10:00 – 3:00 pm

Proudly sponsored by The Buckley Family

Gold Sponsors Cityview Road Cleaners, • Judith Love, • Craig Butler- Vice President, Investment Advisor/The Harvester Investment Group/CIBC Private Wealth Management


  What is Mini Royal?

  • An in-house horse show hosted by the Community Association for Riders with Disabilities (CARD)
  • It is open to all CARD riders
  • It consists of a variety of mounted games and /or riding skills so riders can demonstrate to family/friends/donors what they have been working on in class
  • Participants are invited to a lunch BBQ! There is also a plant sale/bake sale.

Does it cost to participate and if so, how much?

Yes.  It will cost a MINIMUM of $100 in pledges or donations

  • Last year’s pledge totals were reviewed and based on this information, the average amount each person collected was $100 or more.  This year we are asking each person (rider or volunteer) to collect a minimum of $100 in pledges to participate in Mini Royal.
  • Pledges (donations) over $25 will receive a tax receipt

Why we ask for your Financial Assistance

Something to keep in mind……..

  • It costs approximately $9500 a year for the care of just ONE HORSE
  • How important is your support?
  • Last year $50,000 was raised at this event and pledges totaled 50% of this goal


Click Here for Rider Registration Form

Click Here for Pledge Form

Click Here for Volunteer Registration Form

Click Here for Sponsorship Opportunities


    • Randi Weiner says:

      The first set of riders go out at 10:00 am and the festivities continue to approximately 3:00 pm. BBQ starts at noon!

    • Randi Weiner says:

      Hi Susan,
      This is CARD’s annual fundraiser. It’s purpose is to give our riders a chance to show family and friends what they work on in class each week.
      We would be more than happy for you to stop by and have a look! We are having a plant sale, bake sale, book sale and raffle all in efforts to raise funds for our programs.

    • Randi Weiner says:

      Hi Susan,
      Although the Mini Royal is a fundraiser, it doesn’t cost anything to just come out and watch. We do of course have a bake sale, plant sale, book sale and raffle all in efforts to raise funds for CARD’s therapeutic riding programs.
      Please stop by and say hello!

    • Randi Weiner says:

      Hi Ambri,
      The $100. was a suggested amount for fundraising at the Mini Royal Event.
      There is no fee associated with volunteering. I have given Judy Wanless, our volunteer coordinator your contact info. and she will be reaching out to you!
      Thanks for your interest in CARD.

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