Friends of CARD

Do you love horses and want to improve your riding or horse handling skills?

CARD offers classes, not therapeutic in nature, for beginner and intermediate riders based on the standards established by the Equine Canada Learn to Ride program. These riding classes are designed for people who wish to learn or achieve a more advanced level of skill in horsemanship, riding basics and dressage fundamentals.

CARD’s Riding Classes:

Please contact for session details. Riders will be placed to ensure cohesive groupings and goals. All classes are taught by experienced coaches and use well-schooled, safe horses. Please note: CARD has a weight limit policy of 160 lbs for all applicants.

Registration is accepted on a first come, first served basis.

What are the Friends of CARD classes?

The Friends of CARD classes are available to a wide population: volunteers, horse trainers, parents and siblings of therapy riders, the general public, and CARD riders who are able to groom, tack, lead and ride independently.

No volunteers are assigned to the classes- it’s the instructor and the students working together as a team.

Why have we offered these classes and how do they help CARD?

There is a strong interest in riding classes amongst the CARD affiliates, and as part of CARD’s community oriented vision, we are working towards further integration between therapy and recreation riders, and making CARD a place where every member of the family can experience their own Magical Connection with a horse.

Further, the time spent in these classes reinforces fitness and manners in the CARD horses, helping them to be happier and more cooperative for their therapy riders. Beyond the help to the CARD horses, these classes are also helpful to the therapy riders, as a portion of the riding fees from the Friends of CARD classes is directly allocated to support the rider scholarship program at CARD.

FACT: 90% of the participants in these classes coming from the general public, go on to give to CARD in some way; volunteering, donations of services or products, spreading the word about the awesome work we do at CARD.