Horse Trainer

CARD horses work hard in the therapy program, and they require regular care and work to keep them fit, happy and healthy. In addition to stable staff, each CARD horse has a horse trainer and a horse groomer, responsible for the care and maintenance of each horse.

Skills Needed

  1. Excellent understanding and demonstration of the CARD grooming, tacking, and leading methods.
  2. Excellent horsemanship skills including riding, basic horse care and handling and an understanding of horse psychology and behaviour.
  3. Good understanding and ability to assist in introducing a new horse to the CARD program.

Grooming trainers are responsible for the horses’ care and ground work. Grooming trainer applicants must have a demonstrated knowledge and experience working with horses, and an understanding of the CARD program.

Horse trainers are responsible for the horses’ physical care and condition. Horse trainers must have a background in training principles, and are required to demonstrate ability getting a horse working over their top lines. They must also be familiar with the CARD program.

Reports To:
Seana Waldon, Program Director

Download a .pdf of the CARD Volunteer Application Form HERE