Horse Trainer

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Director of Therapeutic Riding Services


The CARD horses perform a vital role in the therapy classes, and they require regular care and work to keep them fit, happy and healthy for that role. In addition to the care they receive from the stable staff, each CARD horse has 1-2 members of the Horse Training team assigned to them to address their individual needs. 

The HTs are volunteers who are familiar with CARD procedures and execute them to a consistently high standard. They understand the role the horses play in the program and are dedicated to supporting that role, in whatever manner best suits the individual needs of the horses. 


Horse Training Roles: 

  • TLC Trainer 
  • Ground Trainer 
  • Mounted Trainer 


General Skills Overview: 

Individual skills depend upon the various training roles, but the following attributes are expected of all members of the HT Program.

  • Excellent understanding and demonstration of the CARD grooming, tacking, and leading methods.
  • Strong horsemanship skills including riding, basic horse care and handling and an understanding of horse psychology and behaviour. 
  • Able to give an additional 2-3 hrs./week to CARD, outside of their weekly program commitment. 


Role Specific Requirements will be discussed during the interview process. 



  • HTs must follow the horse’s individual training program with respect to goals, needs and activities 
  • All work or care given to the horse is to be noted on the HT charts and in the HT binder 
  • Visits are to be planned around the horse’s work schedule, to aid in balancing their work intensity through the week 
  • Attend 75% of the scheduled meetings per year 
  • Maintain an 80% or better class attendance record. Should scheduling challenges arise, HTs are expected to prioritize their class attendance over their HT work 


Download a .pdf of the CARD Volunteer Application Form HERE