Help The Herd-A staff challenge

A staff challenge in response to COVID 19
Chuck’s Staff Challenge…. Help the Horses!!!
Due to the suspension of activities the CARD horses are enjoying an extra long break, but they would much rather be working!
CARD depends on the much needed revenue streaming in from classes, fundraising and events. Unlike many businesses we cannot just shut the doors and take a pause.
We have 14 mouths to feed and keep in shape so that when our classes are up and running again, our horses can be in the best shape possible. During this crisis their needs are great.
Please join our staff members in their quest to provide the CARD horses with some of those basic needs. Over the last couple of weeks campaign appeals have gone out to Help the Herd with hay, veterinarian costs, farrier fees, supplements and treats, grain, and shavings.
You can make a difference. The CARD horses need your support more than ever!
There are two ways you can help. Go to should you wish to make a pledge over the phone or by e-transfer. Or Go to Canada Helps by clicking the link below:

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