Dark bay Percheron/Quarter Horse cross mare born 1999.She stands 16 hh

Donated by Linda Hunt and sponsored by The Baran Family Foundation

Arrived at CARD in March 2015

Capri passed her trial with flying colours and firmly dug her way into classes and hearts. She is  a go-to horse for the instructors, and the program staff are confident that this dark haired beauty has a place amongst CARD’s “Legends”; those horses we still talk about fondly years after retirement and wish we could clone.

Capri initially made firm friends in Paddock 2, where she and Scooter have become an ‘item’. If you look at her closely, you will see a resemblance to our Daisy; that Percheron blood showing through in the coat and markings.  This year, Capri and Scooter both made the move to Paddock 1b, where they continue to be an item, and where, surprisingly, Capri has let Scooter be the herd leader!

Her background as a lesson and show horse make her a great choice for riders working on horsemanship, while her solid frame and smooth gaits make her well suited to the taller riders in need of a partner to help them work on their balance. In class, Capri is starting to become a mentor to new volunteer leaders, so good at her own job, she can help them learn theirs.

Capri has wonderful manners for grooming and tacking and enjoys her TLC, however, she is a work-oriented girl and once the tack goes on, she dislikes hanging out in her stall: she wants to get down to business and she lets you know it by pacing and bumping her stall door!

Capri is talented and kind and we look forward to working with her for years to come.

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