Black Canadian gelding born in 2001 who looks bigger than his 16.1 hands.

On loan to CARD by his owner, Scot Stewart

Arrived at CARD in April 2012

Do you speak French? Muskoka does!! Bred, raised and trained until the age of 3 in Quebec, Muskoka made the long journey to Ontario in the middle of a snowstorm! All of Muskoka’s original voice commands were learned in French, and his dad, Scot, has kept many of them up while also teaching Muskoka English voices aids.

Muskoka comes from a trail riding background with a base in natural horsemanship. Originally very roly-poly in shape when he came to CARD, Muskoka steadily increased his fitness and he can now participate in a trot class without puffing like a steam engine by the end.

Muskoka has a wide base and lateral rotational movement, but with a loooooong step, similar to Casey’s swing. His body type makes him a very versatile therapy mount, and his incredible movement input remains consistent, even when he’s walking slowly. This is unique because many horses’ have a change in their movement when working at slower paces.

Muskoka has been excelling in on the lead classes with both children and adults, where his patient and steady personality, along with his wonderful movement benefit riders with low tone or high sensory-input needs. In the past two years, he’s joined some off the lead trot classes, due to his steady progress in fitness and understanding of his job.  Muskoka is a very cooperative ‘dude’ but he definitely knows who his special people are and can often be heard giving a low and throaty whicker when they pass by.

Muskoka is one of the quieter members of the Paddock 3 Posse and generally the voice of reason; he won’t start trouble but he won’t put up with his buddies causing it either! He enjoys hanging out with Marshall and will happily share hay with Peli and Picasso too.

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