Dark bay Thoroughbred gelding born 2003. He stands 16.2 hh

Purchased in memory of Gubby Armour, a former CARD rider. Sponsored by The Osin Family Foundation

Arrived at CARD in October 2015

Riley is a bit of a ‘dark horse’ in more ways than one! Not much is known about his background before he came to CARD. He is a former lesson horse and prior to that, a racehorse! The staff used his lip tattoo to track down his records.  If we are reading his tattoo correctly, Riley was born in Maryland and known as “Lord Kelly”. He raced 5 times and won $750.00.

What we do know is that Riley is wonderfully kind and sweet-natured, and that he was unflappable through all his training: “Oh, you have a part of the building that moves up and down with a big noise and people climb onto me from there? Okay.”

You’d think this rock-solidness would make for a dull or unresponsive Riley, but you’d be wrong. He is an excellent listener and able to respond to subtle cues without getting frazzled by any ‘mistakes’.

Riley has a narrow frame with a smooth but swing-y forward and back movement. He is a good match for riders in need of movement input that isn’t overwhelming, and he has been expanding his work into the horsemanship classes which is going well.

Riley isn’t one of the flashier looking CARD horses, and he is still regaining some muscle tone and fitness while dusting the rust off some riding skills, but he has an expansive and generous heart and the staff consider him a true treasure.

Riley was initially only able to work with riders using an elastic girth setup, as he went through some saddle fitting challenges due to those gigantic withers!  We are delighted to have him in full work, thanks to the generosity and innovation of the folks at Total Saddle Fit, who make adaptive pads to help with hard-to-fit horses. Riley is also thrilled to be back in full work and to be so comfortable! Check out his spiffy pad the next time you’re in the CARD tack room.

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