Bay Quarter Horse/Percheron/Thoroughbred gelding born in 1996. He stands 15.2 hh.

Donated to the program by Sharon Willemze.  Sponsored by the Baran Family Foundation

Arrived at CARD in August 2007

Ronan’s very active movement and willing attitude make him a key player in the children’s classes. His love of being the centre of attention means he’s never overwhelmed by a crowd of people around him. Riders with balance or confidence issues find his friendly nature and slightly goofy personality very reassuring.

Super narrow, Ronan is well suited to riders with tight hips and legs, and those who have a high need for movement input. Though he has a reputation in the barn for being the first horse to spook at things, Ronan is rock solid in class, whether his rider is wiggling madly about or having a very vocal outburst.

While Ronan generally prefers other geldings who enjoy rough and tumble play,  he’s learning the value of quiet time outside. Ronan does have a secret: as tough and brave as he is in class, Ronan still finds bath time scary- such a boy!


    • CARD says:

      Hello Sharon,
      Thank you for asking about Ronan. Yes, he is still working in the program, going on 23 yrs young! We keep a close eye on him to make sure he is not finding the physical demands to challenging and that he is still enjoying his work. So far, he seems to be very content with all aspects of his role and he continues to be much-adored by his riders and volunteers.

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