Bay and white Tobiano Paint mare born in 2006. She stands 13.1 hh.

Donated by Kate Chapman.

Sponsored by both the Tonglen Foundation, and in loving memory of Harvey Bosomworth and in honour of Georgia King.

Arrived at CARD in December 2015

The smallest CARD horse, Splash has a background as a show horse which makes her well-suited to the CARD program. This little lady did extensive hunter showing on the Trillium circuit with her previous owner which makes her great for riders starting into horsemanship, or riders in need of quick, active movement.  Our petite princess has active but smooth gaits, making her a top choice for the riders with low tone or short attention spans because her version of “rock n’ roll” gets muscles and minds working!!

Splash is kind and loves being groomed and fussed with, especially by familiar friends!  She can be a little wary when meeting new people but she warms up quickly.  The barn volunteers who’ve been asked to give her attention definitely noticed when she decided to add them to ‘her’ group of groupies!

Splash’s exceptional grooming manners continue under saddle, where she is attentive and ready to work.  Like Capri and Jet, Splash is a bit of a ‘work horse’ and she needed extra time learning that sometimes ‘work’ means chilling out while your rider is doing something  with a side walker.  With her children’s showing background, Splash is very light and respectful to the aids and she can be a good fit for the smaller CARD riders working on honing riding skills.  Under saddle she’s working on learning to relax and breathe because she’s a bit of an over-achiever and always wants to get things right the first time!

Outside, Splash’s best friend is Capri. In the barn though, her best friend is Scot whom she trusts to let her know scary new things are okay.

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