Gray, welsh pony/paint cross gelding, born in 2006. He stands 14.1 ¾ hh.

Arrived at CARD in March 2019.

Donated in memory of Ellie Swan. Sponsored by the Dimitry family in Memory of Carrie.

Wylie’s background as a show and lesson horse makes him well-suited to the CARD program. His small stature and rhythmic gaits make him a top choice for the children and small adult classes.

Outside, Wylie has become besties with Muskoka. They are a rather unique-looking pair: the small, pale pony and the large, dark gelding.  Muskoka is quite protective of his little buddy and when Peli gets a little jealous of not being the only grey in the paddock, Muskoka steps in to calm things down.

Wylie is a curious soul and wants to be in the midst of the action—you wouldn’t believe the noise that little body can generate in the morning when it’s turnout time! He does his very best to make sure he isn’t accidentally left behind when the others go out…

Wylie shines in class and saves any “pony-tude” for his trainers, where his version of “sauciness” just makes everyone laugh to see such a kind boy trying to be tough.

During training, Wylie was thrilled to learn the slow walk, but couldn’t quite see the point of the fast walk when jogging was really just so much easier.  He did eventually master it, though he is always delighted to demonstrate his terrific western jog.

We hope to see this personable gelding take over the role that dear Flurry had in the program—keep your fingers crossed!

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