Program & Riders

The CARD therapeutic riding program is offered through three sessions each year: Fall, Winter and Spring.

CARD also offers a summer program. Details for the Summer Program will be released in Winter

  • Year-round at CARD’s facility in G. Ross Lord Park
  • 6 days a week
  • Four sessions each year (Fall, Winter, Spring & Summer Camp program)
  • The Fall, Winter & Spring sessions are 9-12 weeks long.
  • The Summer Program is 6 weeks long.
  • Each class is 30-60 mins long, depending on class type

All clients are assessed by CARD staff prior to program placement. The cost of assessment is $100. Once the client is assessed, he or she is placed into the appropriate program class. Click here for New rider package


  • All riders are assessed by the CARD staff prior to entering the program to ensure appropriate program fit
  • There is no age restriction for CARD riders – riders can be as young as 4
  • There is a weight restriction of 160 lbs for riders with no physical impairments. Riders with balance or motor control challenges will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for participation in mounted programs.
  • The cost to maintain one therapy horse for a year (including maintenance, veterinary and farrier expenses, equipment, food) is approximately $9000
  • The cost for one rider to participate in a session is more than $1500
  • Each rider pays $570 – $870 per session – CARD fund-raises to subsidize the remaining funds