Volunteers are the heart and soul of CARD.
They are an integral part of the program and of special events, without whom CARD simply could not operate.

Their help is greatly appreciated.

Volunteers are integral to the continued success and well-being of CARD, and we benefit from the generosity and support of more than 350 volunteers each year!

Experience with horses is not a necessary qualification for CARD volunteers, however, all volunteers must be at least 13 years of age. Volunteers receive in-depth orientation and training, and for volunteers who are shy around horses, there are a variety of other vital roles to be filled. Most volunteers do find, however, that the horses are so wonderful they eventually enjoy working with them in class, and getting them ready in the barn, learning new skills as a perk of the position!

What does a CARD volunteer do?
CARD volunteers fill a variety of roles, including:

  • Leading a horse, based on instruction
  • Sidewalking with a horse and rider to ensure the safety of the rider
  • Helping in the barn and tack room
  • Supporting special events – on a committee, as an event volunteers, or fundraising
  • Working with CARD horses as a horse trainer or groomer (based on specific qualifications)