Assistant Instructor

Reports To:
Mentoring Instructor

Volunteers, Riders, and Horses


  • Benefits CARD by assisting to teach safe, therapeutically beneficial classes.
  • Benefits the instructors through continuing education, increased knowledge, certification opportunities, the satisfaction of helping others, and socialization opportunities.
  • Benefits CARD and the instructor by freeing up the instructor for other tasks.
  • Benefits CARD by increasing the number of trained instructors, and the ratio of individualized attention the riders receive.

Skills Needed:

  • Previous teaching/horse experience
  • Responsible, punctual, good interpersonal skills, good communication skills, good organizational skills, understanding of disabilities, willingness to achieve certification if not currently certified
  • Knowledge of the CARD policies and procedures
  • Knowledge of the PATH Accreditation Standards

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Working towards PATH Registered Instructor Certification and/or CanTRA Assistant Instructor
  • Must attend a minimum of four out of five scheduled meetings a year.
  • Must have volunteered at CARD for a minimum of 6 terms (summer optional).


  • To be familiar with and knowledgeable about the riders assigned for the term.
  • Assist in developing and implementing a lesson plan for the term of classes assigned
  • To provide support and encouragement to the volunteers as needed.
  • To set up the arena with the props you are using for class.
  • Assist with mounting riders
  • Lead group exercises to warm up riders
  • Work with individual riders as needed in accordance with the lesson plan
  • Assist with dismounting riders
  • Thank the volunteers
  • Review the lesson plan with the instructor
  • To teach the last class of the term, so that the instructor may meet with the riders to discuss their progress report.

Download a pdf of the CARD Volunteer Application Form HERE